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ABA - The Banking Service from Which?
Aug 21, 2004 - 10:54:00 AM

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I had a chuckle when I opened the post today.

There was a letter from ABA - The Banking Service from Which Magazine.  The letter explained that "there's a 75% chance your bank owes you money" and went on to say, "however carefully you manage your business finances you could end up losing money as a result of errors made by your bank."

I looked at the Company's website and they seem to charge an initial fee, plus a percentage of any refund they're able to negotiate.  Seems a fair approach to me:  in our case, however, I wanted to handle the negotiations with Coutts if there was an error.  (And there was.)  And I had the feeling that the error wouldn't be a few hundred pounds.  (It wasn't.)

I oped to purchase the ChargeChecker software from Surrey Software, but we then had to do all of the work of entering daily balances.  For the previous couple of years, we were able to simply download this information from the Coutts online banking site.

If you're interested in the ABA service, here's their letter and the form they wanted me to fax back:

ABA Form


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